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The first step Romac took in creating the World’s best hand crafted balancer was to utilize billet steel construction for the inner and outer rather than cast. This reduced wear and improved accuracy by providing 100% CNC machined surfaces. 

Next Romac determined the easiest, most accurate and dependable method to encapsulate the balancer. The best way was to  encapsulate the outer ring via a shoulder at the rear and a serviceable circlip mounted at mounted at the front of the outer ring. This has made the Romac balancer fully serviceable.

Once balancer material and encapsulated method had been had been determined, the search was on for the best way to hold these parts  together. After testing a variety of methods and types of rubber we decided the best material to use was neoprene elastomer. Each of our Romac SFI approved balancers is hand crafted by our highly skilled technician as this is the best and most accurate way to assemble them.

The Sports series balancers were created with steel inner and outer rings and once this series was finished we moved onto our Performance series balancers that have steel inner and alloy outer rings. Romac recommend this style of balancer over all other balancers we produce due to its flexibility and endurance characteristics. Weight savings of approximately 1/3 less can be achieved with this style of balancer over all our steel units and factory units.

The Pro Series balancers consist of an alloy inner hub and alloy outer rings. These are for marine, drag racing, or circuit racing where nothing is required to be run from the inner hub or outer ring especially dry sump pumps. These balancers are particularly important at tight corner tracks where engine revs are required to accelerate out of tight turns. They are only available in neutral balance. Extreme weight savings are possible with as little as 1kg total balance weight.

Romac Blown or Supercharged balancers are made from 4340 grade inner hub material and an alloy outer ring with duel keyways. They have 3/16” and 1/4” keyways. Balancers can be ordered with undersize bores to suit Eagle crank snouts by adding the undersize to the part numbers.

Romac Balancers are wholly Australian made and have a proven track record over 36 years

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Our factory will be closed from 7th of June 2024 until the 17th and will reopen on the 18th of June 2024.