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Gold Label Premium and Red Label Timing Sets:

Rollmaster and Romac are household names for products that fit the first time,work exceptionally well and give the installer a better return on investment without claims.

Products that sell themselves All timing sets are produced using billet steel for both the crank and camshaft sprockets. Material grades are mentioned further down the page.

Gold sets are nitride hardened and include a one-piece Torrington bearing with an Iwis chain. Timing chain sets have 9 keyways unless otherwise stated. Smaller bores tend

to be best suited to 7 crank keyways, although engines like Small Block Chevrolets etc. come with 9 keyways which allows more adjustment for dialling in the cam. Crankshaft

sprocket keyways are in 2-degree increments unless otherwise noted. The relationship from crank keyway to camshaft sprocket timing is 2:1 meaning that the amount of

advance or retard at the camshaft is in one-degree increments, IE 1, 2, 3 or 4 degrees. Multiple keyways are a solid fixture and do not tend to move or work loose like offset dowels,

thus providing a positive locking of the cam timing to what ever position is desired. Rollmaster timing sets are light weight and stronger than any other timing set available, due to

the weight savings of billet steel and use of CNC machinery. All Red Label timing sets come standard with our own premium grade one-piece Iwis full roller timing chain. Every

small and big block Chevrolet comes standard with a brass thrust washer. You will find Rollmaster has included brass thrust washers to most of our range including Ford for

increased performance and reliability. Most Gold Series timing sets have a one-piece Torrington thrust bearing fitted and all have both sprockets nitrided.

There is a very comprehensive range of Gold Label and Red Label sets.

Line Bore Sets:

We can supply .002” - .005” - .010’ oversize sets. The oversize is added to the part number as CS1000 – 010” which is ten-thousandths oversize. When a car has been Line Bored

you will need to fit the correct oversize set. The sprockets are made larger to take up the chain slack. Most of our Sprocket sets are available in Line Bore sets and this often gives

us an advantage over our competitors. Nornda Automotive have been running for 25 years and you will find us flexible with most products as we can produce new items that would

sell repeatedly given samples and quantity sales volumes.

Vernier Adjustable Timing Chain Sets:

Gold Vernier timing sets are an upgrade of our Gold Series timing sets. The cam sprocket is produced in two parts and allows the outer sprocket section to move separately and independently to the inner hub by way of elongated slots, allowing infinite adjustment to cam timing, just by positioning the camshaft to the required degrees then locking the socket head screws around the perimeter which clamps the entire unit together as one solid cam sprocket.

Vernier sprockets tend to be a little heavier than our standard sets as more material is used to aid the threaded section needed for the inner hub. All vernier sets use our regular crank sprockets with single crank keyway only, and both cam and crank sprockets have been nitrided.

Torrington one-piece thrust bearings are used on all vernier sets where applicable; otherwise brass thrust washers are fitted. Of course Iwis chain is used on all vernier sets.

Installation is a breeze with vernier sets as the entire set can be installed in the same manner as any other timing set.

By leaving the locking screws on the cam wheel loose you can move the camshaft

independently to the crankshaft and timing set without moving anything else. You just dial in your camshaft using the vernier scale and then tighten it all up.

Materials used for All Timing Sets:

Crank Sprockets: K1045 Billet steel bar unless nominated otherwise.

Cam Sprockets: K1045 Billet steel bar.

Nitrided sets are listed with independent part numbers.

Timing Chains:

Our Gold & Red Label timing sets including Vernier timing sets are fitted exclusively with Rollmaster/Iwis quality Pro Series Timing Chain.

All chains are 3/8” pitch British Standard 1⁄4” full roller Single and Double Row chains.

Please Note:

Iwis chains are not made in varying pitch lengths to accommodate line bore



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