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With over 25 years of experience in producing performance and standard replacement parts, JP Performance services a worldwide demand for quality performance products. JP Performance Products are proud to be associated with motorsport throughout the world.

Gear Drives    

JP Performance Gear Drives are by far some of the most superior gear drives available today.  Manufactured from billet steel and CNC turned for greater accuracy these gear drives will suit street and racing applications. Oil Pumps JP Oil Pumps are made using the latest in CNC technology using the best cast iron to improve oil pump life and guarantee quality. All JP Oil Pumps are 100% tested before they leave the factory. JP Oil Pumps are machined using the latest in CNC technology.

Machining the oil pump is the longest and most important process. It is here, on CNC machining centres, that the oil pumps have all the holes drilled, reamed, tapped, countersunk and bored that is required. The oil pumps are held in place hydraulically and torqued to the same load every time to ensure consistency. The use of CNC machinery also can guarantee the same product being produced every time.

All JP Oil Pumps are 100% Tested.

One of the last processes involved with oil pump manufacture at JP Engineering is to test the oil pumps. Testing guarantees the quality of the pump as well as ensuring that it will work first time.  These are the only oil pumps 100% tested in the Australian market.

After they are tested they are packaged and sent out to our distributors around the world.

Timing Chain Sets

JP Performance make a large range of timing chain sets for V8's, six and four cylinder engines.  They are machined from billet steel and turned for greater accuracy on CNC machinery. To see how they are made follow this link.

All JP Performance Timing Chain Sets are supplied with inductioned hardened and multiple keyway crank sprockets (which have the keyways index marked for easier timing) and balanced camshaft sprockets and a true roller timing chain. Also all sets for engines without factory fitted thrust plates (i.e. Chev V8's and Chrysler big block V8's) are machined with a reverse oiler groove. For those that require a Torrington bearing fitted (such as race engines) then we also have them available. Sets fitted with the Torrington bearing are marked 'T'. 

Timing Gear Sets

JP Engineering Products make a range of timing gears in Aluminium and Steel for Holden six cylinder. These cover all requirements whether they be standard replacement or performance. To see how they are made follow this link.

All sets include cam gear, crank gear and thrust plate.

It is important to fit as a matched kit to ensure correct gear mesh.


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Our factory will be closed from 7th of June 2024 until the 17th and will reopen on the 18th of June 2024.