JP Performance Products are a well-known quality product with great reliability and durability. They are very easy to fit with excellent instructions.

Products that sell themselves

All JP Timing sets are produced using billet steel for both the crank and camshaft sprockets and all crankshaft sprockets are electrically induction hardened.

Timing chain sets have 9 keyways unless otherwise stated. Smaller bores tend to be best suited to 7 crank keyways, although engines like Small Block Chevrolets etc. come with 9 keyways which allow more adjustment for dialling in the cam. Crankshaft sprocket keyways are in 2-degree increments unless otherwise noted.

The relationship from crank keyway to camshaft sprocket timing is 2:1 meaning that the amount of advance or retard at the camshaft is in one-degree increments, IE 1, 2, 3 or 4 degrees. Multiple keyways are a solid fixture and do not tend to move or work loose like offset dowels, thus providing a positive locking of the cam timing to whatever position is desired.

All JP Billet timing sets come standard with one-piece Iwis Performance Series timing chain.

Every small and big block Chevrolet comes standard with a brass thrust washer. You will find JP has included brass thrust washers to most of our range including Ford for increased performance and reliability.

JP Timing sets that feature a “T” at the end of the part number, as in JP5627T to suit a Gen 111 LS7 Chevrolet, have a one-piece Torrington thrust bearing fitted.

Line Bore Sets:

Most Timing Sprocket sets are available in .002”, 005” & 010” oversize. The oversize is added to the part number as JP5627T + 010” which is ten-thousandths oversize. When a car has been Line Bored you will need to fit the correct oversize set. The crank sprockets are made larger to take up the chain slack.

Materials used for Timing Sets:

Crank Sprockets: K1045 Billet steel bar unless nominated otherwise.

Cam Sprockets: K1045 Billet steel bar.


All JP Timing sets are fitted with IWIS Performance Series high quality timing chains.

All chains are 3/8” pitch Single and Double Row Chains.

Please Note:

Iwis Performance Series Chains are not made in varying pitch lengths to accommodate line bore engines


JP Performance fitting instructions give you clear and accurate details.

The product range is designed to fit most performance vehicles.


Line Bore Kits are available for engines that have been tunnel bored, such as blue printed engines, damaged blocks or reworked engines. Line Bore Kits are available in +002”, +005” and +010” for all timing sprocket sets listed.

When ordering Line Bore Kits mark order with LB2, LB5 or LB10 after the part number. When installing any new timing componentry we recommend using a degree wheel to set perfect timing. Use a JP5720 degree wheel.


HARDENING JP Performance induction hardens all crank sprockets for Timing Sprocket sets.Induction hardening is used to pre-work harden gears and sprockets before they are installed into engines. This will improve the tooth life of gears and sprockets.

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