JP Engineering Products piston range covers all forms of applications including motor cars, trucks, motorcycles and industrial motors.

Piston Assemblies

In the interest of our customers JP Pistons now sells all pistons in complete sets. These sets include the pistons, gudgeon pin, rings and circlips (if necessary). This is to ensure the quality of the product and the longer life of your engine and its components.


Pistons can be purchased in any number of oversizes. These are dependant on manufacturers recommendations and are marked accordingly in the catalogue. Pistons can be made beyond manufacturers recommended oversizes but these are sold without warranty.

Special Pistons

If a piston is not available in the catalogue it can be manufactured form a sample piston. Pistons can be made from dimensions supplied by the customer, but must include as many details as possible. 
Special pistons can take longer for delivery as they are not catalogue items and generally are made from casting selection. Special pistons are manufactured specifically for the customer and so cannot be returned for credit, nor is there any warranty, implied or otherwise.

Piston Ring Sets

Rings are sold in sets for JP Pistons for re-ringing a cylinder where the piston is not worn enough for replacement. These rings are standardised and require the piston number only when reordering.

Loose Piston Rings

In the event of an accident, such as breaking a piston ring when fitting, loose rings can be purchased. Prices for these rings are available in the price list.


Every attempt has been made to prevent mistakes and incorrect information, but due to the fact that many of the vehicles went out of production over fifty years ago it is difficult to have all the information.
Any errors found will be corrected and the information received appreciated.


We kindly acknowledge the friendly help and service of Bourke Billingham at the Motoring Bookshop, 47 Gouger St, Adelaide, South Australia.

Our factory will be closed from June 13th and will reopen on June 21st 2022.