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If you are looking for a piston replacement for your restoration project. JP Pistons is a privately owned company which has been manufacturing automotive products for the aftermarket for over 25 years. With specialist knowledge in piston manufacture JP Pistons are one of the world's leading manufacturers of piston assemblies for vintage, veteran and classic motorcars, trucks, motorcycles and stationary engines for both standard replacement and racing applications.

JP Pistons continually add new products onto the existing large range as demand for them arise. With a proven record for quality piston assemblies throughout the world JP Pistons can be labeled a world-class company.

The future will involve the company increasing our product range to include more modern vehicles.  Modern is a term that is different at JP Pistons. We consider modern as anything that is less than 25 years old!

The manufacturing process of pistons has changed considerably since the inception of the internal combustion motor. Modern piston manufacturing is fully automated with little or no human intervention. 

This is not the case with JP Pistons. 

JP Pistons strength lies in our ability to manufacture very low numbers of pistons at a time (for example, 10-20). This ability means that we do not, and cannot, compete with the massive automated facilities of the manufacturers of mass produced pistons for modern vehicles. It also means that they cannot do what we do either.  What is laid out below is the way that we make pistons. We use many modern manufacturing processes, but also older methodologies which ensures our position as a niche manufacturer.

JP Pistons not only have a range of over 1000 pistons in the catalogue, but also manufacture hundreds of one-off "specials" every year.

These "specials" can be for rare or unusual engines or for specific requirements such as racing or for pistons that we do not have in the range.

If we do not list a piston then there is a good chance that we have made it before at some stage. If not then all we require is a sample piston or detailed drawing for us to quote on.

If you have any queries please contact us.


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Our factory will be closed from 7th of June 2024 until the 17th and will reopen on the 18th of June 2024.